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Stolen Babies of Spain is now also a book! Go to THE BOOK page on the Menu below for more info!

075A0481_Ascencion pensive interview Cam
MVI_0042_Paco R and Daughter interview C
Paco and Victoria
2017_0109_173737_313_BR Rally w Mara and
MVI_0652_Maria Jose and Laura interview
Maria Jose and Laura
075A0988_Andone San Sebastian cemetary C
075A1074_Clara interview solo Cam A
075A0194_Antonio & Rosa interview Cam A
Rosa and Antonio
075A0960_Bilbao Rally at Town Hall Cam A
075A0963_Bilbao rally with sign Cam B 1.
Marga and Miguel Angel
Asociacion Bebes Sustraidos de Bizkaia
075A0972_Bilbao women wi Mara smiling Ca
Marga and Leti
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