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Stolen Babies of Spain: The Documentary, is a ValMar Films Production. This film tells the real story of the thousands of victims, estimated to be over 300,000, in Spain who continue to search for stolen family members, children, parents, cousins, all taken illegally at birth and separated from them for political, religious and profit motives.

Natives of Spain, the filmmakers had unprecedented access to the victims, their families and their case files. The result is a stunning and undeniably powerful film about widespread and systematic baby-stealing, greed, continued official and governmental cover-up and intimidation at every step of the way.

It is also about the unbreakable human will and spirit that says Basta! (enough). Confronting their own fears of official retaliation and punishment, these Bebes Robados (Stolen Babies) are now speaking out, sharing their own gripping stories of betrayal, pain, courage and hope. And praying that the rest of us listen.

Coming Soon in 2019.


MVI_0727_Madrid trial rallies w 3 cops

Truth.           Justice.      Reconciliation.

2017_0130_171414_646_Barcelona rally wom

No.                    More.                      Lies.

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