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  • Greg Rabidoux

Back in the USA and Hard at Work!

Sunrise, Alicante, Spain

Filming on location in Spain for 3 months for our documentary film "Stolen Babies of Spain" was amazing. We crisscrossed the country getting footage of rallies in places in the south like Valencia, Sevilla and Malaga and in the north like Barcelona, San Sebastian and Bilbao , covered a major "stolen baby" trial in Madrid, exhumations in Cadiz and Valencia and of course, lots of interviews with victims young and old across all of Spain. And upon our arrival back in the US we were able to meet and film Americans who were stolen as babies in Spain and brought to the US. Sadly, this is a global issue!

It was also amazing and humbling once we got into our video-editing and sound studio to begin the joyous but incredibly time-consuming process of post-production. In other words, editing the literally hundreds of hours of film and several thousand clips down to a roughly 2 hour documentary film is an all-consuming labor of love. So, since our return to the US in late August we continue to work on this film every day. We are making progress and continue to be in awe of the courage and determination these "stolen babies" and parents across Spain show in their continued search for the truth, justice and reconciliation.

Have any of you ever edited a film? Or just become consumed with a project that you know you must complete to honor your topic or subjects? That's how we feel. We hope that when it is finished this film will give the thousands of stolen babies (now adults) and the dwindling, number of surviving parents who still look for their children some hope and the worldwide attention they all deserve.

The odds are stacked against them in Spain by a system that seems determined to keep the truth buried. But with the help of readers like you we can make sure the truth comes from out of the dark and into the light.

We'll be posting blogs sharing updates, asking for your thoughts and giving everyone some "behind-the-scenes" looks at the making of the film!

But ultimately, it's not about us. It is about every victim in Spain who still desperately searches for a loved one and wants simply to know the truth. And that knowledge is what keeps us going even when our eyes get a bit blurry from watching so many hours of film every day!

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