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"So much has happened since when I began my own journey to find out my true origins and Mara and Greg were there at the crucial moments, right before, during and after the trial of Dr. Vela...I am proud to be part of this book...Please share this book with someone you love."-Ines Madrigal, President of the Stolen Babies Association of Murica, Plaintiff in the trial of Dr. Vela

"I first told my story to Mara at a Stolen Baby victims rally in Valencia in 2018. I was proud then and grateful for the opportunity, and I am proud now and hope my experience may hopefully somehow help others doscover their own truth and to get the justice we all seek." -Paqui Bria, victim

"I am proud to be part of this book. Sharing my story, along with so many others who are searching and are profiled here, gives us hope and we are grateful for anyone and everyone who reads about our struggles."-Eva Paramos, victim 

Now Stolen Babies is also a Book, available in print or as an E-Book...

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Order your copy Today! Available onlline at Amazon and at fine bookstores everywhere. The link below takes you to the ordering page, you can even "Look Inside" the Book for a free sneak preview!

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"As the president of the stolen babies association of Alicante, this book is vitally important to help get the stories of victims everywhere to the public. The cases shared in Stolen Babies of Spain: The Documentary and here, in this book, may be stunning but people need to know the truth!"-Maria Jose Pico  

"When Greg and Mara and their film crew came to Cadiz to film two exhumations and they asked me to share my own search for my sister, I knew they wanted to find the real truth and help all of us victims. This book is another step in that impoprtant journey."-Chary Herrera, victim and president of Cadiz's Stolen Babies Association

"Mara, Greg and Valentin came to our home and filmed us as my mother, and I shared our story of our search for her baby  and my sister. We are pleased that this book provides another way to give visibility to the victims."-Mari Feli Navalon

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If the link doesn't work here, don't worry...just type in, then go to Books, then type in "Stolen Babies of Spain: The Book" and remember, all proceeds go to help support stolen baby victims everywhere!

Be sure and list Valmar Productions as your nonprofit when you buy anything at Amazon, we are a nonprofit and when you buy on www.SmileAmazon and list our nonprofit as your preferred charity, we get a donation! Thanks!

Amazon SBOS cover.jpg
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