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The crew at the Valencia, Spain Assembly of Representatives [Les Cortes Valencianes]


Co-Founder of VFI, Executive Producer of Stolen Babies: The Documentary. Ph.D, Spanish Literature and Cinema, Florida State University (USA), 2019. M.A., Marquette University. A native of Spain.


Co-Founder, VFI, Director of Stolen Babies: The Documentary. Ph.D, UWM, Politics and Film. JD (law degree) Marquette U. Law School. Author of Hollywood Politicos, Then & Now [available on Amazon]. 


Head Still Photographer, Co-video editor, Stolen Babies: The Documentary, Film Crew Member. Student, Florida V.S., award-winning photographer. Fluent in Spanish. 

ValMar Films Incorporated is a division of ValMar Productions, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit company incorporated within the USA with offices in Florida and in Alicante, Spain.


The mission of ValMar Films is to bring high quality, real-life, compelling stories to audiences worldwide to help encourage informed discussion and debate.


And, we hope, to help bring about change and justice to those that rightfully seek both.


To help ensure we continue to fulfill this important mission and on behalf of stolen babies everywhere who continue to seek truth, justice and reconciliation, please consider making a tax deductible gift or donation or becoming a Sponsor.


Most importantly, we hope you and your family will watch Stolen Babies: The Documentary and we'd love to hear from you!


We'll be releasing it to the public soon!


Con Amour!

The film's director at the Castillo Santa Barbara, Alicante, Spain.
2017_0115_170150_408_Sevilla Lawyer behind the scenes 1.jpg

VFI crew interviewing a lawyer in Sevilla, Spain



Head Cinematographer, Stolen Babies: The Documentary. An FSU Film School graduate of 2018



Cinematographer, Stolen Babies: The Documentary. A graduate of FSU Film School, 2017 and screenplay script reviewer, Los Angeles.

A ValMar Films Production.

Coming Soon in 2019

Alicante, Spain
075A0506_Cadiz Sunset wide shot CamA 2.j
Cadiz, Spain.
075A0507_Cadiz Sunset CamA1.jpg
Cadiz, Spain.
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